Monday, October 17, 2016

Cats to the Rescue!

Hello, it's Chloe here . . . have you a moment to spare? I've a real treat for you, and I'll put it online quickly whilst my Mum is out.

Talking of my Mum, I really can't understand why she does it, but she regularly listens to something she calls 'The News'.

No self-respecting cat would ever depress themselves by listening to 'The News'.  It's invariably gloomy, usually alarmist, and it's always about humans and their stupidity  . . .  I've yet to overhear a single item about an intelligent animal.

But wouldn't you agree that, over the past few months,  this 'News' has been getting steadily worse?
Either humans are getting more stupid, or they're pushing each other into more and more stupid situations.  And a right mess they're making of things.

I worry about humans, and this seems a good moment for an intelligent cat to put a paw in. 
Humans need to be told that their behaviour really doesn't need to be like that.

A video on Facebook will show you just what I mean.

In this video two sensible cats demonstrate how to behave when milk is in short supply.  You don't fight, you don't yell at each other, you don't act like a stupid human.  You bargain a little . . . and share a little . . . and, true, there's a moment when voices are raised just an iota, but it's hard not to pick up bad habits when you live in close proximity with humans.

After you've watched this video, may I suggest that you ask yourself a question?
If that milk had been an ice-cream, and if those two cats had been excitable small humans . . .  well, I've known lots of small humans and I'd bet my last whisker that they'd behave very differently to those sensible cats!

To see the video click here.
Now, the next time you listen to 'The News' ask yourself this question . .. although human society may be going to the dogs, how about getting it back on track with the help of wise and civilised cats?

Just thought I'd mention it . . .