Saturday, January 27, 2018

A computer-minded Cat

Hello, it's Chloe here.  If you're not busy, may I ask your advice? I don't know what you do with yourself in the winter, but it can be a very boring season for an active cat. It's cold and wet in the garden . . . and, when I do get out, the squirrels and mice are sulky and they won't come and play.
As for my Christmas presents . . . well, even with my very favourite ones, the excitement does wear off a little.

The one thing that really gets my whiskers quivering with excitement is the computer. And this is my problem . . . believe it or not, my Mum doesn't trust me not to mess it up. It's really quite absurd because, between you and me, I'm far more enterprising on the computer than she is . . .  and I'm sure the computer has more fun when my paws are on the keyboard.

Actually, it was my Mum who introduced me to the computer.  She goes on something she calls Skype to meet her friends. And, when she does, she holds me up to the screen.  This means that they can see me, and I can be part of the get-together.

How her friends ever manage to squeeze their heads inside the computer I've no idea.
It's all a bit of a mystery.  But there they are, nodding and smiling at me.

Well, I'm a very well-mannered cat, so I try to be polite.  When I see the faces of Mum's friends I always say "Miaow!" For some reason they seem to love this and they get all excited . . . I enjoy going on Skype.

So, as you can see, it's quite inexplicable why my Mum won't let me play on the computer on my own.

Take this morning as an example. My Mum was in the kitchen getting her breakfast, and I was feeling rather bored. All at once I noticed that she'd left the door open to the computer room. It was the perfect opportunity.  I went in, jumped up on the stool, and put my front paws on the keyboard.

The screen lit up beautifully and I had a wonderful time.  I even found some music, I think it's called iTunes, and this was playing away as I enjoyed myself.

Actually, as it turned out, the iTunes wasn't such a good idea as it was rather loud and my Mum heard it in the kitchen. She came rushing in and you should have seen the unnecessary fuss she made!
It seems that, in addition to being clever enough to find iTunes, I'd created a hundred-and-thirty-two new folders.

Wouldn't you have thought she'd have been proud of such a clever cat . . . one who could create folders as quickly as that?

Not on your life! I sometimes think my talents are wasted on my Mum.

So can you think of a way I could persuade her to let me play with the computer?

It would only be for the winter.  Once the rain stops I'll be out in the garden with the squirrels. And, believe you me, when it comes to quickness and cleverness, squirrels beat computers any day!

But I'd better be off before my Mum comes back.

Advice, please. . . and thank you for sharing my problem.

Lots of loving purrs from your devoted friend, Chloe.