Friday, December 15, 2017

Merry Christmas from Chloe!

Hello, it's Chloe here . . .
I know you're busy preparing for Christmas, so I won't chat for long.  But I did want to share something with you.

I want you to meet a very adventurous cat named Rosie.
Just click here, and you'll see what I mean.

Rosie was much in my mind the other morning, when my Mum and I took our friend, Ian, for a walk in Richmond Park.

The sun was shining and it was very, very cold.
As I led the way along the path my paws slid on the ice . . . I even got frost on my whiskers.

Just purr-fect for a Snow Bengal Cat!

But the big surprise came when we reached the pond.  Do you know what we found?

The water wasn't water any more . . . it had frozen into solid ice!
And the ducks and moorhens . . . well, they were sliding and skating everywhere, positively dancing on the ice!

"Just like 'Swan Lake'," said my Mum, "only it's 'Duck Lake'!"

If Rosie and her friends had been there I know they wouldn't have hesitated . . . they'd have gone skating too.
And, believe you me, I was eager to follow in Rosie's pawsteps.

But would my Mum let me?
Not on your life!
It was all very frustrating being stuck out there on the bridge.

Humans seem to feel the cold more than cats, so, after our walk, we went to a nearby hotel to get warm.

 Whilst my Mum and Ian had their lunch, I entertained the hotel staff and gave them my opinion of their Christmas decorations.

True, it was all very enjoyable,  and I must say that it's always gratifying to be admired . . .  but I couldn't help feeling that it wasn't half as enjoyable as skating with those ducks would have been!

Now you're busy and I must go . . .  there are squirrels waiting to be chased in the garden, and I'd hate to disappoint the squirrels at Christmas time.

I'm sending you lots of festive purrs . . . have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas . . .  see you in the New Year!