Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Water Day

It was only a few days ago that I learned of the UN's World Water Day, an event which is taking place today, and being celebrated worldwide as I write.
Clearly the rain knew before I did.  It must have taken quite a while to accumulate the torrential downpour that's currently beating against the window.

What's more, by a remarkable coincidence, it's on World Water Day that Thames Water has received a record-breaking £20,000,000 fine for seriously polluting the River Thames.

Do we need World Water Day?

As I'm sure you'd agree, those of us in the western world are prone to take water for granted.  We rarely marvel at the outcome when we turn a tap, or express gratitude when we fill the kettle.  Sub-consciously, we consider water to be little more than an amenity, and the supply of water needed to be fully under our control.

How different in the parched areas of Africa, where millions are currently suffering in conditions of severe drought.
Or in the inundated regions of South America, where homes and lives are being swept away in severe flooding.  The vital water that sustains can just as easily destroy.

But, just think about it for a moment . . . and, as you do so, pause and look down at your hand.
If water is no more than an amenity, how is it that over sixty per cent of your hand is made of water?  What's more, the water isn't static and personal to you.  Tomorrow it could have moved on to be the burgeoning bud on a tree, or perhaps activating a cat's paw.

It's also true that, aware only of the unity of life, and not of mankind's manufactured differences, the water that flows through a monk one week could just as easily be empowering a terrorist the next.

Ultimately, as the scientist Bruce Lipton tells us in a short video, without water there is no life . . . click here to enjoy his thoughts for yourself.

Today, as part of the worldwide activities, people are gathering at water sources to reflect, give gratitude, make music and celebrate.
For this one day at least, water is being recognised for its unique and vital role.

As I write these words I can see that the the rain has stopped, sunshine is filling the room.

Before the clouds return, I must go out and give gratitude for every puddle!