Monday, May 30, 2016

By Royal Appointment!

Hello, it's Chloe here . . .  I've some really exciting news to share.
Have you a spare moment . . . ?

I don't know if you've been there, but there's a pub across the road from where we live.  It's called The Windsor Castle.

My Mum and her friends really like going there for lunch, and, when they do, I make dead certain they don't leave me behind!

Needless to say, I'm always on my very best behaviour . . .  as you can see in this photo with one of my friends.  And, between you and me, everyone seems to agree just how much an intelligent cat can bring to such occasions. 

Well, you'll never guess what happened last week.  The person behind the bar came up to our table carrying a camera.
Would we mind, she wanted to know, if she took my photo?

Mind . . . ?  I love having my photo taken, so I gave an enthusiastic, "Miaow!".
And my Mum was very pleased when the person explained her reason.
It seems The Windsor Castle is having a Hall of Fame, a place to display photos of all the dogs who visit the pub, and of me . . . the one and only visiting cat!

I don't want to sound conceited, but are there any other cats on a pub's Hall of Fame?  I doubt it!

But now we get to the really exciting part.
The next day my Mum had the radio on.  They were talking about the Queen and it seemed she'd just celebrated her 90th birthday.  Well,  I'm as patriotic as the next cat, so I pricked up my ears.

And do you know what they said?
They said that the Queen's birthday celebrations had all taken place at . . . wait for it . . .  The Windsor Castle!  Did you know that?

You can just imagine how my tail twitched with excitement!
Who would have thought it?  My Mum never told me.
I know that kings and queens have lots of homes, but I'd never dreamed that our Queen had one just across the road from my Mum and me!

Come to think of it, I suppose she lives upstairs when she comes to stay.  I've certainly never seen her behind the bar.

But shall I tell you why I'm really excited?

Did you know that queens, unlike cats, have two birthdays every year? It seems that our Queen is due for another one on June 11th.

What I'm wondering is . . .  will she come back to The Windsor Castle?
And do you think that, if she does, she'll want to meet the very well-behaved and patriotic Bengal Cat who's going to share the Hall of Fame with her corgis?

Watch this space . . . and if you'd like to see the Hall of Fame for yourself, then please, do come and join us for lunch!