Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just say "Yes!"

May I share a positively magical piece of advice?  It was offered to me the other day and, much to my surprise, I discovered that it works!

For all the wonder of their construction, and the infinite complexity of their design, our bodies are still amazingly gullible . . . they believe what we tell them.
You're doubtful?  Then try the advice I was offered.

Say "Yes!" out loud . . . and see what happens.
Your mouth will turn up at the corners and your cheeks will lift.   In response, your body will sense that you're smiling and interpret this smile to mean that you're happy.

So, what does it do?  It sends out a flow of endorphins which, in their turn, give rise to an all-pervading sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
Life, it tells you, is good . . . you feel grateful and integrated.

Now, try the alternative . . .  say "No!"
Did you feel your mouth turn down and your cheeks tighten?  Your body, sensing this time that something's wrong, responds with the fight-or-flight stress hormone, cortisol.  Very quickly, you become tense and anxious.
Life, says your body, is something to be feared . . . you feel worried and isolated.

And remember, we were just saying "Yes!" and "No!"  The words bore no relation to any particular thought or situation.

There are other words that have a calming, uplifting effect.  Try saying "Pleasure", "Peace", or just simply "Happy".
Feel your eyes crease up at the corners, your shoulders relax and your breathing slow down . . . doesn't that feel better?

We live in stressful and fast-moving times, protesting "No!" won't help us to acclimatise to the impetus of events.
But if we allow whatever arises to come and pass with an acquiescent "Yes!", then surely it will be easier to cope with demanding situations?

So, shall we put the advice into practice?

Oh, yes . . . Yes . . . YES!"