Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The things you look at change . . .

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
So says Dr. Wayne Dyer . . . and his words linger in my mind.

Is it true?  Is it really true that our thoughts affect the world around us?

This is very much the concept of quantum physics, and I've just come across a deeply moving video which strongly bears this out.

The video features a talk given to a school assembly.  It was given by Nick Vujicic, a multi-talented Australian with two small children of his own.

In a moment I'll give you the link and you'll be able to witness for yourself not only the powerful talk, but also the profound change that takes place in the minds of those listening.  A change that's clearly visible on the students' attentive faces.

What they witnessed, listening to the talk, caused the way the students looked at things to change.  This, in turn, meant that, by the end of the talk, they were looking at something very different from what they'd seen at the start.

I'm sure you'd agree that, as a species, we don't change our attitudes easily.  We approach situations ready to form judgements that are based on previous impressions.
We are predisposed to look at life through the fixed lens of opinion and long-held beliefs.

There's the classic example of, "Does he take sugar?"
Unthinkingly we relegate an invalid in a wheelchair to a subordinate role.
The question, as to whether he or she takes sugar, is put to the person pushing the wheelchair, not to the occupant who's about to be offered the cup of tea.

But what if the person in the wheelchair is quick-witted and articulate?
What if the carer comes from overseas and has a limited grasp of English?
Suddenly, the way we look at things has changed.

Now . . . let's share a mind-changing experience.

Click here for that moving,  four-minute video . . . I promise you won't forget it.