Monday, January 12, 2015

A 'thank you' letter

It's Chloe here . . . and I'm only writing this because my Mum has told me to.

I don't know what you think about such things, but my Mum says that every well-brought-up cat should say 'thank you' for her Christmas presents.
Between you and me, I think she's making a lot of fuss about nothing.

You KNOW I love my presents.  Why should I spend time, when I could be playing with what you sent me, writing to tell you what you know already?
It doesn't make sense.

But, there we are, life can be puzzling . . . and I must admit that it's good fun to get my paws on the computer!

Don't you like this picture of the mouse that was chosen for me by my very handsome Siamese friend, Stoker?
Stoker lives in Ohio, and my Mum says that the mouse came through the air all the way from America.

This was very exciting news . . .  I knew mice could do lots of clever things, but I never knew they could fly, did you?

And don't you love the little, pink cat?  It came from my very special friends who live in Piccadilly.

Now, there's a bit of a mystery about my favourite robin . . .  he's disappeared since this photo was taken and no-one seems to have any idea where he's gone.

My Mum says he flew off, but, between you and me, I strongly suspect she's encouraged him to perch somewhere  where I can't see him.

 All that fuss, just because I gave his head the very gentlest of chews . . .  as if a well-brought-up cat doesn't know how to treat a robin . . . and he was my present after all!

But why worry, I've plenty of other things to keep me happily occupied for weeks.

There are these gorgeous green toys, with very exciting smells  . . .

. . .and the special 'laser chaser' . . .

. . . and the picture of me looking at a picture of me, this time in a little, silver frame.

 Then there was the unexpected edible present . . .

 . . . this one had my paws dancing up and down with excitement.

It came from a kind friend in Sussex who'd put a carefully-wrapped bag of food into an envelope and addressed it specially to me.

The moment that package dropped through the letter-box my nose told me that this was something exciting.

And my nose was right, because my Mum said that the slices of white stuff inside the package were very special.
They were called turkey.

I'd never even sniffed such a treat before and . . .  oh!
Believe you me, it was absolutely  delicious!
After lunch my tum did feel a bit full, so I thought I'd stretch out on the sofa for a cat nap.

I must say that turkey gives you the most satisfying dreams!

So thank you, all of you . . . thank you for a positively purrfect Christmas.

I wonder . . . now I've written to thank you, and if I'm a very good girl right through 2015 . . . well, might it encourage you to do it again next Christmas . . . ?