Monday, March 31, 2014

Smile, please!

I'm sitting here smiling as I write.  Why?  Well, I don't think that anyone could look at this photo of a happy baby and not smile in response, do you?

A smile . . . what is it?
In basic terms, no more than a bodily reflex . . . a slight tightening of the mouth and an upturning of the lips.  Such a simple thing.  Yet this simplicity is deceptive, a smile is the body's external response to the warming of the heart .  . . and, as this baby has discovered at an early age, it's incredibly powerful.

Smiles are infectious, we all know that.   What's more, a smile is one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other . . . a gift of pure, unalloyed benefit.

On a physical level, a smile informs the rest of the body that all's well with the world.  When the corners of the mouth turn up the body relaxes and responds, and it does so by producing beneficial endorphins.

On  a subtle level, smiles unite us.  Smile at the person you are passing in the street and, if your smile is open and undemanding, there will  be a moment of total unity before the contact is broken and you each continue on your way.

True, there are many other forms of communication, but whereas words can unite us in sharing opinions and beliefs, a smile is unique.
It unites us at the level of essence, the point of oneness before divisions begin.

Mind you, there's something that we need to remember.  Smiles, by their very nature, are gifts, not investments.   If used as investments, they can quickly turn sour and frequently rebound on the donor . . .   given freely, just watch them proliferate.

Think about if for a moment, that smile that you gave away this morning . . . where is it now?  How many people have received it . . . replicated it . . . passed it on . . .  spread its benefit?  And what of the smiles you gave away last year?  By now they could have encircled the globe.

I received a wonderful smile this week.  It came in the form of a video link sent to me by Mary, a friend in the United States.

Last year the Italian food company, Sacla', arranged a surprise for the shoppers in the John Lewis Foodhall in London's Oxford Street.  The store management were part of the scheme, but the floor staff and shoppers were totally unprepared for an unforgetable treat.

Look at the smiles bouncing from face to face . . . and please share this with your friends so that the smiles can continue to circulate.

Are you ready . . . ?
Start smiling in happy anticipation, then click here . . .  and enjoy!