Monday, February 10, 2014

A Lamplighter Lamp

When I came in through the front door the other morning, something seemed wrong . . . my flat didn't feel as welcoming as it usually does.  True, it was a refuge from the wind and rain, but there was something lacking . . . it didn't feel like home.

At first, I wasn't sure why . . . then I realised.
The familiar glow of light was missing . . . my Lamplighter lamp needed a new bulb.  Without its infusion of soft, amber light my flat lacked a vital quality.  Once a new bulb had been fitted and switched on, it was home again.

Many years ago,  someone gave me a leaflet.  It proved to be a leaflet which enhanced my life.  I wish I could remember who gave it to me as I'd love to express my gratitude.  All I do know is that I still have the leaflet . . . a little faded, a little dog-eared, but much-treasured.

Let me quote from what it says:

"The Lamplighter Movement, which Wellesley Tudor Pole initiated some time ago, is well known.  Since its instigation, thousands of tiny lamps burn constantly, acting to facilitate world and personal peace, harmony and healing.  To simply affix and dedicate a small continuous burning light in our homes is all we need to do."

Ever since reading that leaflet, my home has hosted a Lamplighter Lamp.  Not that the lamp is important . . . my first lamp was an ancient, bed-side lamp with a faded shade.  The one I've enjoyed for many years is the beautiful gift you can see in these photos.  What matters is not the lamp, but the light itself.  As suggested, I use amber Pygmy bulbs and, each time a bulb comes to the end of its life, as it did the other morning, I've dedicated the new one using the dedication provided in the leaflet.

Four or five times each year I ignite a new bulb and recite the following Prayer:

"I kindle this little light on the earth plane," 
I dedicate it to the service of the Spirit.  
I guard and cherish this flame as a living symbol, and 
an act of faith in the reality of the Powers of Light.  

May the Beings from Higher worlds see this flame 
and kindle its counterpart on the ethereal plane.  
May this ethereal light be a channel for the inflow 
of the healing powers of the Spirit.  
May the love of Christ permeate this building and 
protect it, warming the hearts and enlightening the 
understanding of all who live in it or enter it.  

May the Being whom we know as Michael,  
Standard Bearer of the Christ, Wielder of the Sword 
of Light, use this offering, linking it with all those 
who lit the light.  
May the peace and healing spread through the world 
and the regions of the Borderland."

Curious as to whether these leaflets were still available, I put 'Wellesley Tudor Pole' into Google.

Much to my delight, I discovered that 'The Lamplighter Movement', born in the depths of the Second World War, is still  flourishing.  Not only that, it appears that you can now buy beautiful, small ash-lamps.  Lamps that come with 'dancing flame' bulbs, and carry their uplifting message at the insignificant cost of as little as a pound a year.

As one who has shared the larger portion of her life with a Lamplighter lamp, may I strongly recommend its many benefits.  Most of all, it has the ability to transform what we're encouraged to think of as a 'property' into a welcoming and enriching 'home'.

Why don't you join me . . . ?