Friday, March 10, 2017

All about weeds!

Spring is in the air, I'm sure you've felt it.  The days are lengthening, the birds are courting, and those of us with gardens and window-boxes will soon be immersing our hands in the soil.

Which leaves me with a question . . . what would you say is a weed?

As I'm sure you'll agree, strictly speaking there's no such thing as a weed.  Every plant on earth demonstrates the wonderful diversity of creation.  Every plant has its own intricate beauty, the design of every plant is unique.

So, why should we call one unfortunate plant a weed?
Only because, in the opinion of the human concerned, this plant is growing in the wrong place.  A matter of bias rather than fact.
And, who knows, a so-called weed might well be a prized source of nectar in the eyes of a discerning bee.

Yet weeding is something we humans are doing with ever greater enthusiasm . . . and our weeding is not restricted to the plant kingdom.

Have you noticed the amount of social weeding going on recently?

Loudly proclaiming the rightness of our cause, we weed out faiths, nationalities, political persuasions, gender and social strata.  Increasingly we choose to ignore the fact that humanity, when mutually supportive, can become a peaceful, verdant landscape.

The exclusion of any one sector, by declaring it an unnecessary or troublesome weed, creates areas of wasteland that damage the integrity and unity of the whole.
Our critical weeding is doing us harm.

Mind you, if our long-suffering planet was feeling judgemental, it might well describe the human race itself as little more than a troublesome and unwanted weed.

Just think about if for a moment . . .  we bear all the hallmarks of a weed.
We are rampant, invasive and detrimental to the well-being of ourselves and all other living species.  To add to our misdemeanors, our thoughtlessness is fast changing the climate.

Might it be wise to change our ways before the Earth decides to undertake some serious weeding?
After all, let's admit it . . .  we need this planet,  it doesn't need us!