Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good news is good for you!

In a world of great uncertainty, there's one thing I know with absolute conviction . . . and I'm confident you'll agree with me.
What is it?
It's the simple fact that bad news is bad for you.

Whether it be 'fake bad news' or 'genuine bad news' doesn't matter . . . the effect is the same.
We absorb it and are instantly captured by apprehension.
 Our creativity dries up, our hopes disappear . . . we are rendered fearful and incapable.

As for good news, this is wholly beneficial . . . being inspirational, invigorating and sustaining.

To demonstrate what I mean, let's carry out a short experiment.
Look closely at the picture below .  . .

First of all, focus on the scene of mayhem and destruction on the left . . . did you feel a constriction in your chest, a sense of horror and helplessness?

Now, switch your attention to the alternative view on the right . . . did your shoulders relax?  Did you find yourself smiling, your breath easing in appreciation of the peace and harmony?

If you need further proof of the benefits of a positive approach, this was clearly illustrated this month in an inspirational address given to the United Nations by Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

"When faced with citizens' anxiety," he declared, "we have a choice to make, do we exploit that anxiety or do we allay it?  Fear has never created a single job, or fed a single family."

If it does you good to read those words, I can assure you that you'll feel even better if you hear them spoken.  Click here for a short extract from the speech . . . you'll be strengthened and empowered by its positivity.

Good news is good for us, and good news also gives rise to gratitude . . . which, as we all know, is 'the key to joy'.
So, thank you, Justin Trudeau!