Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A very caring cat!

Hello, it's Chloe here . . . have you a moment for a chat about my Mum?

Please don't think I'm complaining . . . as Mums go I've done well.  It's just that, as Mums go, she doesn't go as much as she should.

Let me explain.

Wouldn't you agree that, especially in cold weather, humans need to keep moving? 
After all, they haven't thick fur like cats, they need to keep active to keep warm.  So, as she always tries to do her best for me, I make sure I give her plenty of exercise.
I take good care of my Mum.

To show you what I mean. 
After I've taken her out for an energetic walk I sometimes feel quite sleepy.
But do I lay down and rest?
Not on my whiskers!  I know what's needed.  And what's needed is to keep my Mum active and warm.
So, even when I'm tired, I bring out my toys and insist that we play a game.

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but she doesn't always appreciate my unselfish intentions.

Between you and me, she even thinks that I bring her the toys because I'm the one who wants to play.

It's sad, isn't it, how a cat''s finest motives can be so misconstrued.

But do I give up?  Never! 

On the contrary, I insist on taking her out for three walks every day . . . proper walks, not just a quick sniff of fresh air.

Then, when we come indoors, if my Mum sits down at the computer I get on the back of her chair and rub my head against her hair . . . this takes her mind off what she's doing and encourages her to get up.

Alternatively, if she sits down on the sofa, I go and fetch my favourite mouse and drop it in her lap.
So, with my persuasion, she's soon on her feet again  . . . and playing with the mouse and me.

Now, if you saw my toys, wouldn't you want to play?
In addition, there are all sorts of wonderful and warming games to keep us busy.

Wouldn't you leap out of your chair to play 'carry-me-in-the-cardboard-box' . . . or 'hide-and-seek-in-the-cat-villa' . . . ?

Thanks to me, my Mum never has a dull moment . . .  I'm a very caring cat.

And if you want proof that your cat cares for you . . .  then just click here!