Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An eventful week

I wonder if your attention, like mine, was captured by an interview on Radio 4 last week?

The person being questioned was the Professor of Folkloristics at the University of Iceland.
The topic being discussed was the intriguing and unlikely subject of elves!

Elves are recognised in Iceland, their sacred sites are respected.
However, following an earth-slip in the proximity of a supposedly enchanted elfin rock, the rock had been accidentally moved and muddied. In the wake of this mistreatment, several disturbing incidents had reportedly taken place.

The elves, it seemed, had needed to be appeased, and a decision had been made by the Iceland Road Administration to replace and clean the rock.  Click here if you'd like to learn more.

As for the bemused interviewer on Radio 4, it was clearly beyond his comprehension that intelligent Icelanders should give credence to such beliefs.

Nor has it just been the elves who've made their presence felt this week . . . there were other items in the news that further undermine our notion of being in control.

Is it mere coincidence that international newspapers, which have long made no serious mention of UFOs, are now falling over themselves to disclose the latest information?

The Sunday Express reported that astronauts, on a recent space walk from the International Space Station, were taken aback by the unexpected appearance of UFOs  - click here for a video and more details.

Then, with the American Press circulating news of sightings off Malibu, the British Press has responded by featuring photos of a UFO zooming low over the rooftops in Manchester . . . all in the past few days.

Elves . . . Extra Terrestrials . . . could it be that the universe is more complex than we've allowed ourselves to believe?

Preoccupied with the creation of artificial intelligence, intelligence designed to serve our own needs, have we been blinding ourselves to what is already there?
Could it be that, hovering on the edge of our blinkered vision, other life forms are observing us?
Life forms, perhaps, whose intelligence exceeds our own?

Judging by this week's events, we could be about to find out.