Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Interesting Times

'May you live in interesting times.'
It's an old Chinese curse, and I'm sure you'd agree that our times are certainly interesting.  You don't have to look far to see warfare, political instability, and accelerating climate change.

But is it a curse . . . or could it be called a blessing?

You're doubtful?  Let me explain.
Have you thought that, as an integral part of the natural world, we're doing what nature does on a regular basis  . . . we're breaking down in order to promote growth.

What's more, just like the natural world, we're breaking down explosively in order to best facilitate renewal. Whereas death and decay involve a process of quiet disintegration, birth, it seems, calls for drama.

A seed needs to fracture to enable a plant to germinate.
A larvae needs to break apart to release the fragile butterfly.
Without the pain and effort of childbirth there would be no baby.

But, in every case, what emerges after the stressful breakthrough is something much finer and more complex than what existed before.

So, will a phoenix arise from our current chaos and uncertainty?
Trapped in the transitional stage of 'interesting times', we can't see ahead.

But, if we let our fear, self-interest and greed burn away in the ashes, and follow the wise example of a small Portuguese boy at Euro 2016 . . . who knows?

Click here. . . and see if you can you detect a phoenix rising in this moving video.