Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Save Our Oceans

When you've a subject on your mind, do you find that information on that subject is constantly capturing your attention?

That happened to me this week, the subject in question was 'plastic'.

May I share some of my findings with you?

Did you know that the island of plastic garbage in the Pacific is now twice the size of France . . . and is growing as I write?

Did you know that the plastic in the world's oceans is killing a million seabirds and a hundred thousand marine mammals every year?

Did you know that over two hundred million tons of plastic are produced annually, the majority of which is dumped in landfill sites and in the ocean?

Did you know that, according to a new study, by the time we reach 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish?

But if, like me, you find those facts overwhelming, did you know that all is not lost?

Help is at hand in the form of a solar-powered ship, a ship which has recently been invented  for one specific purpose . . . that, together with a fleet of similar vessels, it will traverse the world's oceans, sucking up the accumulated plastic debris that's been discarded so thoughtlessly.
Equally encouraging is the knowledge that we can participate.

Would you like to help launch these life-saving ships . . . to assist them in carrying out their mammoth task? 
If so, it's very simple, all you need do is click here.

The oceans of the world will be forever in your debt . . . not to mention the fish, the seabirds, and the marine mammals.

Oh yes . . . and did you know that, according to a recent study, the average life of a plastic bag is fifteen minutes?

What about you and I taking a pledge?  Let's promise that each plastic bag in our possession will lead a long, hard-working life and never reach the sea . . . it would be one small step in the right direction!