Friday, March 4, 2016

From Lesbos with love

Have you a moment to spare . . . a moment to share a website I've discovered?

The story featured may have reached you already, it was mentioned by the BBC and covered in the Press.
But, if it escaped your attention, I know you'll find it as remarkable and moving as I did.  As you'll see, it's packed full of all those admirable qualities which, so we're told, are sadly lacking in modern life.

If we're to believe the media, modern man has three dominating emotions . . . fear, greed and self-concern.
It's rare to hear a political leader espousing kindness, co-operation or the interests of others.
But it's these emotions that lie at the core of this heart-warming tale.

Let me whet your appetite . . . last year a family in Iraq, a family with five children and a small, white cat, fled their war-ravaged homeland in search of peace and security in Europe.

Together with thousands of other refugees, they journeyed south to Turkey where, squeezed into an open boat, they managed to cross the Aegean Sea.

All went well, and the family arrived safely on the island of Lesbos.

But this was where trouble struck.
The small, white cat, who had happily accompanied them in his basket for so many hundreds of miles,  became scared by the chaotic conditions.

Wriggling free, he disappeared into the maze of winding side-streets.    After searching desperately for a week, the family were forced to move on, carrying an empty cat-basket.

I won't spoil the story by telling you what happened next.  Suffice to say that, as a species, we are far kinder, far more compassionate and infinitely more resourceful than we allow ourselves to believe.

Fearful . . . greedy . . . self-obsessed?  Far from it!
Click here, and re-evaluate both cats and those who care for them.

We should be justifiably proud of our potential as  caring and resourceful human beings!