Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Waking sleeping beauty

I wonder, what does the word 'beauty' mean to you?

Wouldn't you agree that it's one of those difficult words.
A word that, at the same time, manages to be both instantly recognisable and impossible to define.

Beauty, so we've been told, lies in the eye of the beholder . . . a statement which is indisputably true.

After all, we can only recognise what we can identify, and we can only identify what lies within the scope of our knowledge.

But that statement would also suggest that beauty is limited to sight . . . which isn't true.  Beauty is appreciated by all our senses.
So could it be that it also lies in the voice of the speaker, that it's waiting in the ear of the listener?

In the natural world there's no such thing as questioning, everything is accepted as it is . . . everything is beautiful.  It's only our self-critical, self-doubting species who suffer from being so painfully judgemental.

But, just think about it for a moment, what if our inner beauty was only dormant?
What if it were waiting, like Sleeping Beauty, to be awakened by the recognition of its existence?

And this isn't mere conjecture.  I've a heart-warming video to share with you, one that perfectly illustrates what we're saying.

Click here to see what the heart and the voice can produce when working in unison . . . and notice how surprisingly simple it is, just by telling someone they're beautiful,  to uncover what was hidden.

Definitely something to think about . . . and an example to follow?