Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's OK . . .

May I share some thoughts with you, thoughts that were triggered by a bus journey the other day?

A man seated himself beside me and took out his mobile phone.
It was impossible not to overhear what he was saying, although I didn't understand it as the language was unknown to me.

But what I did notice was rather surprising . . . it was the constant repetition of the term 'OK'.
Clearly 'OK' was as familiar in his language as it is in English, and clearly it carried the same meaning.

The incident made me wonder.
Has 'OK' become universal?  Out of curiosity, I did some research.

There are many counter-claims for the origin of OK.  Perhaps the Choctaw Indians were right in stating that it came from them.  Or perhaps it originated, as some believe, in West Africa.

There's also the contention that it goes back to the Greek phrase 'ola kala', meaning 'all good'  . . . and who would argue with the Scots who are firmly convinced that it could only stem from 'och aye'?

Wherever it came from, no-one denies its meaning, nor the fact that it's part of the vocabulary of practically every world language.  Things are just as likely to be OK in Israel as they are in Vietnam, Venezuela or Pakistan.

Is there any other term that falls into this category?
I don't think so.  What's more, I find it strangely reassuring that there should be worldwide usage of a term that's wholly positive and affirmative.

We need things to be OK . . . we're happy when things are OK . . . that's how, in our heart of hearts, we know things really are.

The words most bandied by the media at the present time are probably 'terror', 'fear' and 'anxiety'.
If something is considered 'OK' it's unlikely to hit the headlines.

However, terror is divisive, fear is crippling and anxiety is inhibiting.  Unscrupulous leaders know that those governed by these emotions are easy to manipulate.  On the other hand, people who believe that life is basically OK are more grounded and far less susceptible to negative persuasion . . .  OK can release what fear traps.

So, let's think about it.
What would be considered an OK starting point for the New Year?
How about welcoming 2016 with gratitude . . .  gratitude that, below the evident surface turbulence, we all share the inner conviction that out there in the deep water everything is basically OK.

There's a tune you can hum to remind you . . . one particularly relevant for the young at heart!

So, don't let's be seduced by the fear-mongers.
Just remember the globally accepted term, 'OK' . . .   click here . . . and start humming!