Saturday, November 28, 2015

Below Stairs

At times it feels as though I'm trapped below
The slatted floor of heaven. Fleetingly,
I glimpse an angel's foot, or what might be
The shadow of a trailing wing, and know
There's something overhead. And yet, although
I'd love to join their distant company,
The dust and darkness of captivity
Enfeeble ears and eyes and overthrow
The will. Unaided, I can't penetrate
Their realm. But, neither can I comprehend
The puzzling clues which seem to indicate
That loving angels constantly descend
To join me in my cramped and dusty state,
And light the stairs that lead to journey's end.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Food for thought!

"Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But names will never hurt me."

It's a Victorian nursery-rhyme that you might still hear in a school playground.

But is it true?
Children might like to believe it, but recent scientific experiments have shown that it's a serious distortion of the truth.

We like to think that it's our actions that create change in the world around us . . . the doing, not the being.

But what if we turn that idea on its head?  What if we consider the possibility that it's primarily our thoughts and words that create change?  That it's not our actions, but our attitudes and emotions, that play the largest part in forming both ourselves and our environment.

You'd like proof?
This short video will give you plenty of food for thought . . . and will do so in more ways than one!

Click here . . . and be prepared to marvel . . .