Monday, October 26, 2015

In the beginning . . .

You'll receive very few words from me this week because I've something to share with you . . . it's a remarkable TED talk.

That statement is a little misleading.  It isn't a talk in the usual understanding of the word, instead it's a five-minute film accompanied by natural sounds and background music.
The only words you'll encounter will be those of wonder and appreciation that will flood into your mind as you watch.

The concept of a talk without words might seem a contradiction in terms, but wait until you witness the eloquence of wildlife in motion.

Several years ago I was fortunate to be part of a team of translators.  What was brought home to all of us was the act that translation isn't a matter of accurately substituting the words of one language with those of another, it's far more than that.

As we came to realise, the translator needs to go beyond the word to the thoughts and emotions that inspired it.  The word comes by way of response.
Aren't there times when a warm hug is capable of expressing far more than words could possibly manage?

But, in the beginning, as Genesis tells us, it was a word that was needed.
All the limitless, nameless potential of creation may have been poised vibrating at the starting-line, but it took a word (we might prefer to call it The Big Bang!) to set it in motion.

Click here to watch the  outcome . . . enjoy!