Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Tipping Point?

I wonder if you've come across an interesting study that was published earlier this month?

By and large, the media ignored the findings, although they were picked up and debated in major scientific journals.

Nonetheless, it had something very important to say to all of us.
May I give you a layman's analysis and reaction?

The research was carried out by the European Space Agency, whose three-satellite mission, known as SWARM, tracks the activity of the magnetic north pole.

I was intrigued to learn that this magnetic pole is subject to a complete reversal every 200,000 to 300,000 years.  However, as it is 780,000 years since the last pole reversal took place, a switch is long overdue.

This latest report indicates that the magnetic pole is currently on the move.  After centuries of relative stability, not only has there been a recent acceleration of its journey from Canada towards Siberia, but there have also been dramatic fluctuations in the power of its magnetic field.  This field, it seems, is weakening at a rate of five per cent every decade, the rate previously experienced every century.

Scientists are not alarmists, so when do SWARM predict that the total shift will take place?

Within the next hundred years is the figure they quote, studiously avoiding mention of the fact that, as the final flip is rapid, it could just as easily happen in the next ten months, ten days . . . or even tomorrow.

And what would be the short-term outcome of such a shift?  Apparently all life on earth, deprived of magnetic stimulus, would become comatose and larval . . . in addition, there would be complete disruption to the world's communications networks and power grid.

This state of inertia would persist, so it is thought, for around three days.

And after that . . . ?
According to scientific and archeological research, on each occasion in the past when life has re-established itself it has done so at a higher level.

Do you find, as I do, that mention of such things causes distant memories to stir?  Deep in our collective subconscious we dimly recall a lost Atlantis . . . a long-forgotten Golden Age.

Which brings me to something not mentioned in the scientific report, the fact that this tipping-point tallies with the beliefs of major world religions.

As recorded in the New Testament, all early Christians believed in an imminent end to the world.  Were they, I wonder, interpreting the magnetic shift as a divine means of spiritual evolution . . .  and could they have been right?

For Hindus, this belief remains dominant.  According to Hindu tradition each age is divided into four eras, eras that are known as Yugas.   We are now in the fourth era, the Kali-yuga . . . a time that is said to precede the End Time and foreshadow the Golden Age.
Read this description of the Kali-Yuga and I think you'll agree that it all sounds strangely familiar!

As I said, I'm no scientist and my analysis of SWARM's recent report only touches the surface.

But might this shift concern you . . . ?  Might it concern me . . .?
Are we, in effect, standing at this moment on the heaving decks of 'The Titanic'?

We don't know.
All we do know is that, on the question of time, there appear to be two certainties:  the over-riding importance of the present moment, and the fact that the magnetic shift will fundamentally change all life on this planet . . . some time in the next hundred years.