Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Four Gifts of Christmas

When the three Wise Men brought their gifts to the stable, little did they think that they were establishing a Christmas tradition.

Nor could they possibly have guessed that, over two thousand years later, the popularity of gold, frankincense and myrrh would be totally eclipsed by that of fish.

Or, if we're to be specific, the popularity of plastic fish that swim to order,  blow bubbles and waggle their golden tails.

We'll let these photos of Chloe's Christmas illustrate my point.

Not that she thought her gift to be very exciting when we first opened the small, net bag.

Falling out of its silver wrapping paper, the fish, although plump and golden, looked a decidedly dull plaything.

However, a slender rod was sticking out of its stomach.
Might this, I wondered, work a miracle?

Very carefully, I took hold of the rod and twisted.  When I could twist no  further, I placed the fish in a bowl of water.

The response was instantaneous . . . not only did the resuscitated fish start to swim, but out of its broad, red mouth rose a steady stream of beautiful bubbles.

Thoroughly intrigued . . . Chloe watched . . . and waited . . . and pounced!
The outcome . . . ?  A sodden paw and an untroubled fish!

Using her left paw this time, Chloe made a second attempt . . .  propelled by the moving water, the fish made a quick circuit of the bowl and, its tail still revolving in a jaunty fashion, easily escaped capture.

This game of cat-and-fish would have continued happily all morning had I not decided that the fish needed a rest!

Do you see what I mean?
Neither gold nor frankincense, not even myrrh, could hold a candle to a small, plastic fish . . . not when it comes to giving a Bengal cat a very exciting Christmas present!