Monday, July 23, 2012

A lesson from Sabadell

If I suggest that we give some thought to bankers and banking, would I lose your interest?

It's true that, over the past few years, this contentious subject has become associated with such unattractive qualities as greed, opportunism and arrogance.  But, take heart, this is a story about banking that will lift your spirits.  Not only that, it will (and this is a promise) get you smiling!
In fact, I will give the shortest possible preamble so as to speed up your enjoyment of the real treat which comes at the end.

Earlier this year, Banco Sabadell, based in the Catalonia region of Spain, celebrated its 130th anniversary.
It gave much thought as to how it would mark this prestigious occasion and came to an imaginative decision.  The bank would celebrate the anniversary by meeting its loyal customers at street level in the historic city that bore its name.
How?  By offering them music . . . the very finest music!

On the 13th May, together with the Valles Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amics de l'Opera and Coral Belles Arts choirs, the bank moved out into the Placa de Sant Roc and serenaded its customers with Beethoven.

What a wonderful example to set to the bankers of the world.  What a wonderful example to set to all of us.  Not business men remote in their ivory towers, but musicians making music on the street.

Isn't this what banks and all forms of business should be about?  Co-operating, assisting, bringing pleasure . . . ?  Serving the community rather than attempting to rule it . . . ?  Isn't this what we should all aim for in whatever occupation we choose to pursue?

He may have lived in a different era, and Walmington-on-Sea is a long way from Sabadell, but, as a Bank Manager of integrity and social responsibility, I feel confident that Captain Mainwaring would have approved!

Now, that's more than enough from me, click on this link, sit back and enjoy . . .