Monday, June 25, 2012

A very patriotic cat

This is a story that I can't explain.  Only Chloe, my Bengal Cat, could give you the truth of the matter, but she prefers to remain enigmatic.
So, in the absence of an explanation, let me tell you what happened as it happened.  Any conclusions you like to draw I leave entirely to you.

I'm sure you recall the wonderful celebrations that took place over the Jubilee weekend.  What you may not know is that, on the Saturday evening preceding the London festivities, the Royal Albert Hall celebrated with a Jubilee Gala.  A kind friend invited me to join her and it proved to be a memorable evening.

Never have I seen a more enthusiastic audience, never have I witnessed more heartfelt flag-waving, nor listened to more gloriously patriotic music.  Think of the Last Night of the Proms, then double the fervour and the intensity . . . I'm sure you've got the picture.

This photo conveys the atmosphere more powerfully than any words.  It also shows you the flags that were handed out with the programmes.  Two flags were allotted to each concertgoer and, thinking of my cat who was missing out on all the excitement, I brought my two flags home.

On her first encounter with the flags Chloe displayed a keen interest.  But this interest soon waned.  By the following day the flags had lost all appeal.

The following Saturday, the Queen's official birthday, celebrations resumed with The Trooping of the Colour.
Settling down to watch the pageantry on television, I was taken aback by some unexpected pageantry closer to home.  As the royal carriages moved smoothly down The Mall, so Chloe sprang into action.  Grabbing her long-forgotten flag in both paws, she waved it with patriotic fervour.

Had she seen the flags and banners on the television?  Had she been moved by the military music and the crowd's evident excitement?  I'll never know.  But once the pageantry was over so, too, was Chloe's patriotism!

It may well return, and the flags, now relegated to the toy bag, will await a possible summons from Chloe on the next occasion of national rejoicing!