Monday, March 19, 2012

Over the top

At the time of the Vietnam war a photographer took a memorable photo. It portrayed a terrified child, her clothes in flames, rushing with arms outstretched towards the camera. It is generally felt that this photo did as much as anything else to bring the American troops home.
Pictures are powerful. They speak to us individually and we take from them what our personal needs require.

The picture that I'm sharing with you was sent to me this week.
Whether looked at on the personal, communal, national, global or even universal level, it is undeniably powerful.

The thought of going 'over the top' conjures up disturbing memories of the First World War. But this is a very different situation. Look at the ladder in the picture. Whilst seemingly fragile, it must, in fact, be very strong.
And will we make it over the wall? That remains to be seen . . . if we're united in love with the brilliance beyond, what can stop us?