Sunday, February 12, 2012

The wonderful white stuff!

Yes, I know. Snow is a natural, winter hazard. It snarls up the traffic, causes accidents and burst pipes, and is generally considered to be a nuisance . . . unless, that is, you happen to be a Bengal Cat!

I had no idea how Chloe would react to the snow.

Would she be shocked to find her garden covered in a cold, wet, white blanket? Would she refuse to put her paws into this icy mixture and choose, instead, to return to the warmth and comfort of home?

Not on your life!
As though joyfully recognising an old friend, Chloe leaped into the fray! Like an excited pony, she pranced across the snowy lawn. She sprang . . . she spun . . . she dug deep into this exciting white stuff.

Finally, carried away by sheer exuberance, she charged into a clump of shrubs and tangled her lead in the branches.
Jerked sharply out of my hand, the camera soared heavenwards before diving into a snowdrift!

All good things must come to an end and now, her snow frolics nothing but a memory, Chloe's daily walks in the garden have returned to their normal pattern.

But, at night, when she's sleeping beside me in bed, does the increase in twitching, together with a keen kneading of the blankets, indicate that my snow-besotted cat is dreaming of a white Easter?
I rather think it might!