Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Little Girls

This is a story of an encounter, an encounter between two little girls. It's a story that needs the minimum words as the pictures speak for themselves.

Four-year-old Abigail, although devoted to the cats in her picture books, had rarely came face to face with the more substantial and unpredictable variety.

Chloe, although familiar with small humans at a distance, had never received a more rapturous reception.

First reactions were loud and highly vocal on both sides!

A little overwhelmed, and in definite need of a more tranquil environment, Chloe headed for the garden . . .

. . . but Abigail held fast to her lead . . . and to her new friend's tail!

Without wishing to be rude, Chloe felt that it was time to plan a line of escape . . .

. . . and found it, a flight of steps from which she could safely survey this persistent admirer.

The advantage gained by the raised step offered a new perspective on the situation.
Contrary to first impressions (and now that she had stopped squeaking) the small human might be fun.
Chloe began to relax.

And so a truce was reached . . . harmony restored . . . plans for mutual mischief hatched . . . and two little girls became friends!