Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cosmic Come Dancing!

Before the New Year swallows up memories of 2010, may I share something with you?

It was a moving experience and it took place on December 21st. Not only was this day very close to Christmas, but it also marked the Winter Solstice and, this year, a Lunar Eclipse. Quite a lot of heavy significance for one day to carry!

To start, let me put you in the picture. Have I told you that I regularly participate in an online project called The Global Coherence Initiative?
I think it's best if I let the organisers describe their revolutionary concept for themselves . . .

" . . . (it is) a science-based, co-creative project . . . to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace."

As you can see, it's a substantial aim! And what does this involve? Quite simply, you log in whenever you can (or visit one of their three daily, communal sessions), and spend up to a quarter-of-an-hour united with others from around the world in a heart-based relationship with the Earth. The words 'love', 'gratitude' and 'care' are keynotes of the exercise.

It is a simple yet profound practice, but, as the organisers say, "simplicity is powerful and effective when the heart is sincere".

Being such a significant day, December 21st attracted many to the website. I joined the session which started in London at mid-day. As you participate, so you move from the Waiting Room to the Global Care Room and, at this point, a large representation of our planet appears on the screen. You can control the planet - zoom in or rotate it as you wish - and, as you zoom in, bright lights identify by name and location all those participating at that particular moment. A spoken introduction leads you into the session.

Tentatively at first, I gently rotated the familiar outline of the Earth and zoomed in. Amongst the myriad of small, bright lights were participants from Warsaw, from Budapest, from Nairobi, from Athens, not to mention Paris, London and widely across the United States. In festive abundance, the small, bright lights were shining everywhere.

Using my mouse, I explored this twinkling globe, and suddenly realised that I was moving it off its normal north/south axis. You've no idea how strange this seemed. It made me feel absurdly giddy and unsure of myself to see the British Isles come into view lying on its side, with the North Pole and South Pole on a horizontal alignment. Seconds later, an upside-down Australia topped the globe and I found London to be unexpectedly and confusingly 'down under'.

It was uncomfortable, it felt wrong. Yet, what came home to me very forcibly was that this was the reality of our solar system.
Our planet is not stationary in space, it is constantly rotating on its axis whilst simultaneously revolving round the sun. The reassuring illusion of stable, north/south security is totally fictional.
At that moment, so I realised, all of us in the Global Care Room, together with every other creature on the planet, were part of what could only be called a complex and beautiful stellar dance.

Johan in Brussels, Pedro in Madrid, Kevin in North Carolina, and many, many more of us, were spinning through the vastness of the cosmos as we participated together in a profound, heart-focussed blessing.

The session over, I allowed the planet on the screen to return to its secure north/south axis. The illusion of stability returned and gravity held sway.

I'm sure you can understand why I wanted to share this with you. It's a powerful memory. The recollection of how so many people, linked together in love and care, revolved and rotated to the Last Waltz of an expiring year.

And if you want to know what The Royal Society of Arts say about all this, just click HERE!

Will you Come Dancing with me into the future? Not Strictly, but Cosmically . . . please say 'yes'!

Happy New Year!