Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the first day of Christmas . . .

Have you a moment to share a delightfully surprising story?

When the postal strike was called off I decided that it was time to think seriously about Christmas. Christmas cards . . . Christmas presents . . . I went ferreting around in the bedroom and dragged out the 'Christmas Box' that surfaces every year. Inside I keep any remaining unused cards from the previous year, my 'Christmas Card Book' and a handful of decorations.

I discovered to my pleasure that I had quite a few unused cards, which meant that I had less to buy. I then sorted out the pile of charity catalogues that have arrived, with the intention of choosing cards and presents.

All the cards I received last year have been long since sent for recycling, so it was surprising to find a solitary used card amongst the batch of unused ones. I opened it.

Do you remember my friend Tina? The friend who died last Easter and was so interested in my orb photographs? Remember?

This card, the sole card remaining from over a hundred that I'd received last year, was the one I'd received from Tina.
Inside I read:
"Lots of love, dear, and may you have a wonderful Christmas . . . from Tina"

Last month I had a birthday card from my mother .. . . this month my first Christmas card has come from Tina . . . it's all totally surprising . . . and really rather wonderful!

Happy Christmas, Tina . . . and thank you!