Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Gift

(Instructions for Recognising and Using your Christmas Gift - to be read and studied when you are relaxed, with plenty of time to pay careful attention.)

This is a long-term Christmas gift. Be warned, it's very powerful.

When you switched on your computer today, did you notice something? If not, may I suggest that you examine the screen right now . . . sit back, relax, and look at it very carefully . . .

. . . now, have you noticed . . . can you see the extra radiance . . . the increased power to the light . . . the shimmer?

And can you hear something . . . ?

Take a deep breath and listen carefully . . . no, I'm not joking, listen . . . can you hear the sound of the Christmas Angels who are working this magic . . . ?

This is your Christmas gift, a shining, five-pointed star that has been designed to infiltrate your computer. Not only that, it will infiltrate every computer you use from now on.

As you start up your computer every morning, notice the extra glow . . . the extra shine . . . that is the power of the golden, five-pointed star radiating out of the computer screen towards you.

Not only will the Christmas Star bring a glow to your computer, it will also bring a glow to everything you read and write. Every study that you undertake in the year ahead will shine with hope and joy and peace. Every project that you work on will be radiant with promise and love. Even the practical emails will have an extra sparkle.

The joy and hope of Christmas, the promise of Christmas, the peace of Christmas, have permeated this piece of equipment and they can't be removed.

The gifts of Christmas, the gifts of love and laughter - for every baby brings the gift of laughter - will spread from this computer to everyone who receives your words, from this day forth and for evermore.
Happy Christmas!