Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Vincent Van Go'!

Tell me, how can I relax into a sensible, sedate maturity when the young people in my life (I include Rupert in this) seem determined to shake up my preconceptions?

I'll give you an example, it took place early this morning.
After giving Rupert his breakfast, I glanced at my IN box and found an excited email from Shae.
Shae and Mausie, you'll remember, come from Melbourne. They are back-packing round the world and last week they arrived in London. This email brought the exciting news that they'd hired a camper van!

Now they could really take off . . . they could go to see friends in Brighton . . . visit Mausie's family in Scotland . . . the U.K was their oyster.
Could I be outside in an hour, Shae wanted to know? She would ring the doorbell when they arrived.

Grabbing the camera (together with a rug that I hoped would keep them warm on their explorations) I awaited the bell . . . then, in response to its summons, hurried down to the pavement.

With remarkable expertise, considering she had never driven a van before, Shae had parked neatly outside the door.
Their excitement had been fully justified, it was a most impressive vehicle. With the pride of the newly besotted, they showed me its amenities. Never before had I been inside a camper van. It was a new world.
I marvelled at the generous bed . . . the cupboards . . . the oven . . . the grill . . . the fridge (an unexpected luxury!) . . . the tow rope (just in case!) . . . and the ample room for storage. What was more, from their elevated position in the front cabin Shae and Mausie would obtain a commanding view of the passing countryside.

"It's magnificent . . . you must give it a name," I said.
They already had!
Shae took me to the rear of the van where, inscribed clearly on the paintwork, was the name of the van hire company: Vincent.
There was, they'd decided, only one possible name. From henceforth their van would be known as . . 'Vincent Van Go'!

And Vincent Van Go is going! They're off to Scotland next week.
As for today . . . ?
"Brighton or Bristol . . . " said Shae vaguely, "we're starting with Richmond."
I thought a little guidance might be helpful.
"Turn left at Richmond for Brighton," I told them, "or go straight ahead for Bristol."
They'll probably end up in Birmingham . . . but what does it matter?
Vincent Van Go will ensure that they enjoy themselves whatever their destination!

I must admit I'm tempted!
Were I to hire a camper van for Rupert as a Christmas present, would you give a little thought to joining us on a holiday . . . ?